Hybrid Medicine presents Hiro Kone 13-14 April | The Host / Romantso

Hybrid Medicine is very excited to present a live electronics performance by Hiro Kone in Thessaloniki & Athens, with lots of live acts, dj sets & a special screening!

Hybrid Medicine presents Hiro Kone 13-14 April | The Host / Romantso / events

2 months ago

The Hybrid Medicine is thrilled to welcome Hiro Kone. The NY based alias of Nicky Mao, musician and producer Hiro Kone uses an array of hardware, synths and modular synthesis in order to create a unique sonic spectacle.
With her latest LP “Silvercoat The Throng” having been described as “beautiful and harrowing”, Hiro Kone brings her unique blend of experimental techno, spoken word, neo-classical, and industrial noise into a fluid, encrypted dialect all its own.


Live electronics: Hiro Kone | Totsuko & Illy | Dans Mon Salon
DJ sets: Opioid Slot Machine | Lostinthe
Thursday 13/04/2023 |The Host
Presale €8 | Doors €10

Totsouko & Illy
Totsouko & illy is a semi-improvisational project focusing on the
creation of ambient landscapes. Using samplers and synthesizers, they oscillate between improvisation and composition, through a process of elegiac disorder.


Dans Mon Salon
Dimitri Batsis creates and puts out releases (physical/digital format) under the alias Dans Mon Salon [dã] [mɔ̃] [salɔ̃] (French for ”in my living room”) since the mid 90’s. The moniker works as a metaphor, it is a mindset where the personal relationship with electronic music making comes to actualization. DMS performances often comprise vocals, synths and machines of all sorts; An improvised electrifying happening where studio practices are brought to the audience through the blend of visuals, light and sound.


Opoid Slot Machine
Opioid Slot Machine is a project founded somewhere between Copenhagen and Thessaloniki in 2016 from Grigoris Kordellas and Iakovos Vogiatzoglou (2016-2018). They had their first EP released on Drvg Cvltvre’s imprint “New York Haunted” along with a second one followed in 2018 on the same label. Opioid Slot Machine became a solo project from Grigoris in 2018 when he decided to start OSM tapes record label and club nights too. OSM has performed in some of the most important venues and festivals in Greece and also in cities like Berlin, Brussels, Strasbourg, Sofia, Zurich, Nicosia & Skopje. From experimental to industrial techno, from ambient and noise to EBM and from slow-burning tracks to uptempo he delivers some raw and unexpected energy to the dance floor.

Lostinthe is a musician, producer and DJ based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Current member of the noise rock/electronic band Psychedelic Trips To Death.

Live electronics: Hiro Kone | Blakk Harbor | Yorgas Helmet | Kostadis
DJ sets: Morah | Shit Happens | Reaktiv
Screening: Mika Vainio: Sähkö the Movie
Friday 14/4/2023 | Romantso
Presale €8 | Doors €10

Blakk Harbor
Blending beats aplenty, bonebreaking bass, distorted sine waves, drone, ambient and dark electronics into his trademark industrial techno output, Angelos Liaros Copola, aka Blakk Harbor, creates a multilayered storytelling experience, rich in atmosphere and texture. A sound designer for Native Instruments, Blakk Harbor’s recorded output is chronicled through numerous releases on analog and digital format.


Yorgas Helmet
Ceremonial black metal noise, based on a chimera of digital and analog equipment cross communication, intense distorted vocals and electroacoustic musique concrete techniques.
A side project of experimental artist and composer – improviser Georgios Karamanolakis, Yorgas Helmet is focused on the sense of myth, reconstruction, retrofuturism and the everlasting winter that surrounds us.


Sound artist and multi-instrumentalist Kostadis Michail is a stalwart of the Athens music scene due to his improvisational solo electroacoustic workouts, as well as his work with various bands, including In Trance 95, Acid Baby Jesus, Sclavos & Lost Bodies.
His live performances are based on a contemporary synth panorama of treated vocals, downbeat compositions and minimal electronics, a blend of African polyrhythms and space age music.


Renowned for his expressive, long sets of bold compositions and intersecting genres d.j. and producer Morah moves seamlessly through musical genres blending dark wave, industrial, EBM, techno with experimental backgrounds and everything between.
A producer – recording artist himself, Morah’s entire existence is in the absolute service of music.


Shit Happens
Shit Happens is the co-founder and drummer of spacey garage psychonauts Alien Mustangs. His other projects involve the exploration of techno-based sonicscapes through record playing, frequently influenced by the relationship of dynamic drum tracks, loaded with weighty atmospherics and unrelenting tension.

An Athens based dj and producer with a keen interest in sound design for theatrical shows and film, Reaktiv moves flexibly through techno, industrial, raunchy electro, mind melting waves and cinematic soundscapes.


“Mika Vainio: Sähkö the Movie”
Mika Vainio’s death in April 2017 sent shock waves rippling through the electronic music community. The late Finnish musician left an indelible mark on noise thanks to his roles in the ’90s group Pan Sonic and record label Sähkö Recordings.
Released by Blast First Petite, the 44-minute film “Mika Vainio: Sähkö the Movie” has attained legendary status and is widely considered as essential viewing for anyone with a passing interest in techno, industrial and experimental music, underpinned by a restless DIY spirit.