April Airplay 022

31 tracks for April selected from Paranoise Producers!

April Airplay 022 / airplays

1 year ago

31 tracks για τον Απρίλιο επιλεγμένα από τον Paranoise Radio! Check ’em!

Alabaster DePlume – Don’t Forget You’re Precious [International Anthem]

Anadol – Gizli Duygular [Pingipung]

Andy Stott – VI [Modern Love]

Ashinoa – Disguised In Orbit [Fuzz Club Records]

Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton – Light Transmission [Livity Sound]

Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution – Egyptian Love (ft. BNC) [Rewind Guaranteed-Boom Selectah Records]

Blue States – Science or Fiction [Memphis Industries]

Bogdan Raczynski – DLEDA [Planet Mu]

Brainwaltzera – (G)raveyard Tools [Film]

Broadcast – Forget Every Time [Warp]

Charles Cohen – Velcro Dance [Μorphine]

Charlie Halloran with The Tropicales – Tabu [Self-released]

Damian Dalla Torre – Alles Neu [Squama]

Floating Points – Vocoder [Ninja Tune]

Golden Bug – Fata Morgana [La Belle]

Kit Sebastian – French Disko [Mr Bongo]

Low Tape – Ephoretic Energy [Eudemonia]

Mars89 – Night Call [Sneaker Social Club]

Overmono – Gunk [XL]

Reginald Omas Mamode IV – Stand Strong (Revolutionaires Position) [Five Easy Pieces]

Rubba – Carousel In The Milky Way [Music De Wolfe]

Scutal & Bogues ft. Manonmars – Lin Kuei Mask [Young Echo Records]

Serge Geyzel – Limbo [Diffuse Reality]

Shelley Parker – Scrubs Lane [Hypercolour]

Sound Synthesis – Planet Hope [Distant Worlds]

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center & Damo Suzuki – RA [Akuphone]

Stand High Patrol – Sur La Plage [Stand High Records]

Walton – Working Title [Lith Dolina]

Whatever The Weather – 17c [Ghostly International]

Wordcolour – Bluster [Houndstooth]

ΠΕΡΑ ΣΤΑ ΟΡΗ – Pickle Shake