March Airplay 023

March Airplay 023 is here! 32 tracks from our favorite new releases!

March Airplay 023 / airplays

7 months ago

Aksak Maboul – Brown Dwarfs [Crammed Discs]

Alexander Korostinsky – Altin Maske [Record Kicks]

Athens Computer Underground – Trips slips and broken hips [To Pikap Records]

Cignol – Managed Devices [Craigie Knowes]

Cinephonic – Le Combat [Marlow Records]

Conic Rose – Honeylake [Self-released]

Dawl – System Check [Craigie Knowes]

Death and Vanilla – Find Another Illusion [Fire]

DimDJ – Out Run [To Pikap Records]

Dj Tsoug – Broken Dreams [To Pikap Records]

Heavy Color – Discgolfer [Curious Music]

Jonah Yano – The Ordinary Is Ordinary Because It Ordinarily Repeats [Innovative Leisure]

Jonquera – La Colline D’en Face [Bamboo Shows]

Kappa Music Library – Galactic Solitude [Persephone Records]

Leftlow – Distractions [Exit Records]

Luke Vibert – Taming Of The View [De:tuned]

Mantra – Ala [Sneaker Social Club]

Mort Garson – Ode To An African Violet [Sacred Bones Records]

Nia Archives – Thats Tha Way Life Goes [Hijinxx]

Normal Stage – FV3 [Amplify]

Organic Pulse Ensemble – The Damn Thing [2 Headed Deer]

Parastar – Crypt [Logarithm]

Saint Abdullah & Jason Nazary (feat. Petter Eldh) – Divine Timing Is Intuitive [Disciples]

Sam Gendel – Anywhere feat. Meshell Ndegeocello [Nonesuch]

Secular Player – Exemplum [Logarithm]

Skee Mask – Bandprobe Dub [Ilian Tape]

Staraya Derevnya – Tangled Hands [Ramble Records]

Strategy – In Space No One Can See Your Screen [Constellation Tatsu]

The Hologram People – Kommune [Library Of The Occult]

Trees Speak – Minotaur [Soul Jazz Records]

Vil & Cravo – Funk Doido [Mutual Rytm]

Yushh – Same Same [Wisdom Teeth]