Dop – BassTrip #2.3

Duration: 148mins, Date Released: 12 Feb 2015
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A podcast of the BassTrip Show live on 12/02/15.

UK Dub, Steppers and Electro Dub vibes in the mix.

Play it loud and feel it… Enjoy The Radio


Osiric MC Injham – Roots And Culture

Mahom – Another Day

DuBoLoGy – Sweet Crazy Dub

A&O , Dubzoic – This Is My Prayer (Dubzoic Remix)

A&O , Dubzoic – Dub Is My Prayer (Version)

Dub Machinist – Mr Bossman Dub

N-Tone feat. Tenna Star – Very Well Pt.1

Dubba do – Walking Step

SkonC – Meditation Is Medication

SkonC – Dub Is Medication

Imperial Sound Army – Trod Away

N-Tone Dub & PhoniAndFlore – Western Defeats (P.A.F. Remix)

Mad Codiouf – W Dub

Tozer – Dub A come

Rootsteppa – Warrior Step

Koncrete Roots – Universal Dub

Don Fe – Jericho

Dubbing Sun – Far I Ready

Shan A Shan – Melodica Time (Remix)

Dub Machine – Orient Illusion

I Rebel meets MGDK – Jah Disciples

I Rebel meets MGDK – Dub Disciples

Digitron – Offroad Melodika

SkonC – Western Dub

Dub Iration Sound System – Uptown A Go Down

Kanka – Nova Dub (Digid Remix)

Cian Finn, Alpha Steppa – 9 Years

OBF ft Warrior Queen – System Ruff

OBF – Dub Ruff

PhoniAndFlore – Distort

Rootsteppa – Dub Heavy Dance

Art-X ft. Miniman – Inity

N-Tone Dub – The Pyramids

King Fly & MatDTSound – Mental Stability

Roots Revival – Sunrise Chant

Bandulu Dub ft. Hornsman Coyote  – Changes (Krusseldorf Remix)