Isker – Isker&KingA #4.5

Duration: 57mins, Date Released: 15 Jan 2015
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Isker & KingA radio show, every other Thursday 20:00-22:00 (gmt+02)

In 2015, Isker & KingA switched positions. So KingA, kicked off the 5th show this season and the 1st in 2015, delivering an hour session, consisting only the heaviest ROOTS REGGAE, DUB & UK ROOTS (check it). Isker stepped in for the second hour of the show, mixing some of his favourite DUBSTEP tunes.


Next show getting aired on Thurstay 29th January.



KingA ‘s mixcloud 

KingA ‘s soundcloud

Isker ‘s mixcloud

Isker ‘s soundcloud