Jahnabet meets Rooty Be – Irie Trip #3.5

Duration: 123mins, Date Released: 09 Dec 2016
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Κάθε δεύτερη Παρασκευή 20:00 – 22:00, το Irie Trip με τον Jahnabet σας πάει βόλτα στα μονοπάτια της κουλτούρας των Sound Systems.

Στη πρώτη ώρα επιλογές από Jahnabet:

Ricky Grant – Penitentiary Life

General Plough – One More River

King Alpha meets Shaka Black – Who Are You

King Alpha meets Shaka Black – Hurricane Verse 1

King Alpha meets Shaka Black – Weeping And Moaning

Sandeeno feat King General – Wicked Run Away[Chouette Records]

Sandeeno feat King General – Visions Dub [Chouette Records]


Dubamine feat Tristan Palmer – Joker Smoker [Dub Stuy]

Dubamine feat Saule – Jimini Dub

Kanka feat Rod Taylor – Love you [Original Dub Gathering]

Vibronics – Dub In The Ghetto [Indica Dubs]

Vibronics – Downtown Dub [Indica Dubs]

conscious sounds meets partial – dalston rock [Partial Records]

conscious sounds meets partial – chats palace dub [Partial Records]

Δεύτερη ώρα αναλαμβάνει ο Rooty Be:

Ns kroo – time we tell

Rooty Be – true story dub

Rooty Be – conscious man + mix

Rooty Be – your eyes trip

Rooty Be – earthquake vibrations ch 1 +ch 2

Rooty Be – rf skool+dub

Kirachi – realms of dub

Rooty Be – Suspect dub +pt2

Rooty Be – temporary out (original mix)

Rooty Be – Mary Jane

Rooty Be – kraked kness dub

mad codiouf – departure dub + pt2

Rooty Be – pirate dub (long island mix)

Rooty Be – 143 grv

Rooty Be – sos

Rooty Be – like Mark’s energy

earthquake – imperial lion of Judah

earthquake – force of the trinity