Spaced Cowboy’s Psych Hop Radio Show #7

Duration: 122mins, Date Released: 29 Jan 2014
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01. Hallucinations by Roy Budd
02. Gunboats by Swell Maps
03. Sunrise by Sunbirds
04. Υπάρχει Αγάπη by SOVER GROUP
05. Peace is not the word to play by Main source
06. I Ain’t Trippin’ by Too $hort
07. Bubble Rap by Can
08. Insect Trapped Into My Brain by Abtomic
09. Centurion (feat. Vince Staples) by Earl Sweatshirt
10. A Divine Image by David Axelrod
11. Hes watching you by The Gaslamp Killer
12. Nervous breakdown by Black Flag
13. “The model” by Big Black
14. Jennifer by Faust
15. Back End by Viktor Vaughn
16. Numb by Portishead
17. 1-800 Suicide by Gravediggaz
18. Convincing People by Throbbing Gristle
19. Anesthesia pulling teeth by Metallica
20. The Vic Hallam System by Add N To X
21. Demons by Bintangs
22. Ölüm Allahın Emri by Barış Manço
23. The Champ (Demo) by Ghostface Killah
24. Liquid Dancehall by Zomby
25. Neko by Rustie
26. Lonely by The Bubble Puppy
27. Sub by Niagara