February Airplay 023

40 tracks carefully selected by our producers for February! Play 'em loud!

February Airplay 023 / airplays

1 month ago

Ak’Chamel, The Giver Of Illnes – The Great Saharan-Chihuahuan Assimilation [Akuphone]

Angel Wash – Snake [Felt Sense Recordings]

ANNE – Trinity [Life In Patterns]

Artefakt – Rail [Delsin]

Benjha – Momentum [Logarithm]

Buset – They [Kings Chamber]

Dame Area – Danza dell’Equilibrio [Màgia Roja, B.F.E Records]

Daniel Avery and James Massiah – Heavy Rain [Phantasy Sound]

Devon Russell – Darker Than Blue [333]

Drumskull – Recovered Artefacts [Hooversound Recordings]

Ehohroma – Expect Nothing [Same Difference Music]

Ekin Fil – Borealis [relationreset]

Etch – Mudoken [Purple City Soufflé]

Eusebeia – Awe (Equinox Remix) [Future Retro Records]

Giorgio Azna – Cosmic [Logarithm]

Iftin Band – Kurbo Jaceyl (Love & Pain) [Ostinato Records]

Kham Meslien – Gnawen [Heavenly Sweetness]

Kincaid – Nothing Is [Well Street Records]

Kmyle & Inigo Kennedy – The Great Beyond [skryptom]

Lefteris Volanis – Electromagnetic Fields [Veego Records]

Leftlow – Thoughtful [Exit Records]

Los Yesterdays – Time [Penrose]

Loxy – Havok [31 Recordings]

Magugu x Le Motel – On Topper [Maloca]

N-Gynn – Alistera [Mysticisms]

Nijemi – Jezivo [nayel]

Noda & Woflers – ダブの原型 Archetypes in Dub [L.I.E.S. Records]

Pari Zangeneh – Asmar Asmar Djan [Pharaway Sounds]

Pera Sta Ori – Double Dribble [To Pikap Records]

Plant43 – Silver Streams [plant43008lp]

Prince Jammy – Martian Encounter [Greensleeve Records]

Ramzi – Chantilli [Music From Memory]

Schroothoop – Cheval Orange [SDBAN Ultra]

Serge Geyzel – I can only say [To Pikap Records]

Shy One – Scorpio Sun [Eglo Records]

Taro – Gas Burn (Flørist Remix) [Baroque Sunburst]

Thomey Bors – Floating [Logarithm]

Toumba – Hazzeh [Hessle Audio]

Trường Hải – Đừng Quên Anh Là Lính [Saigon Supersound]

Varonos – Like That [Acid Cuts]