January Airplay 023

Paranoise producers are welcoming 2023 with a boosted airplay of 40+4 tracks for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!

January Airplay 023 / airplays

4 months ago

Big Drum Records – The Flex [Bumpin Dubz]

Biluka Y Los Canibales – Poncho Verde [Honest Jon’s Records]

Boylan – Germs ft. Trends [Mean Streets]

Brahja – Watermelancholia [cortizona]

Clem Bushay & Zabandis – Got To Get To You [Reggae Library]

clipping. and Lexagon – Run For Your Life (Lexagon Remix) [Sub Pop]

Cru Servers – Sacramental Lettuce [12th Isle]

Dur Dur Band Int. – Heeyaa (Cabdinuur, Hey!) [Out There Records]

El Michels Affair & Black Thought – Grateful [Big Crown]

El Rass & Munma – Tkhayal (=Conceive) [Ruptured Records]

Evan Crankshaw & The Dead Mauriacs – So It Had Begun, By A Fire On A South Sea Island [Akuphone]

Felbm – Root [Soundway Records]

Future Draft – Aftermath [Logarithm Cassette Label]

Hamdi – Rejuvenated [Steppers Club]

Itoa feat. Nakamura Minami – Oh No (Extended Mix) [Exit Records]

James Holden – Contains Multitudes [Border Community]

KA – Unindulged feat. Chuck Strangers [Iron Work Records]

Le Cri du Caire – Pearls for Orphans [Les Disques du Festival Permanent, Murailles Music]

Luke Vibert – Decay Hole [Hypercolour]

Maxime Denuc – Infinite End [Vlek]

Misha Panfilov – Electronia [2 Headed Deer]

Motorist – Blast Route [Timeisnow]

Nikki Nair – It’s NP-Complicated [Astrophonica]

Noda & Wolfers – Supernatural Mixing Desk [LIES Records]

Now – Easy Tune For Dancing [Tramp Records]

Nyx Nótt – Thriller [Melodic]

Papé Nziengui – Popedaka [Awesome Tapes From Africa]
Patricia – At A. Gallop [Acid Test]

Pierre Bastien – Moor’s Room (skit) [Discrepant]

Pole – Tempus [Mute]

Principles Of Geometry – Loom Letter [Tigersushi]

Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (Remix) [RAM Records]

Red – Vu [Logarithm Cassette Label]

Restless Leg Syndrome – My Shit [HHV]

Rian Treanor & Ocen James – Tiyo Ki [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

Saint Jude – No angels [Slow Dance]

Salamanda – κρήνη της νύμφης [Wisdom Teeth]

SOYUZ (СОЮ3) – Beige Days [Mr. Bongo]

Tasos Stamou – Bontempi Tsifteteli [Akuphone]

The Black Dog – Business Car Park 9 [Dust Science Recordings]

The Necks – Signal [Northern Spy Records]

Uwalmassa – Rantas [Mana]

Varonos – Stripes [Acid Cuts]

Vusi Mahlasela, Norman Zulu, Jive Connection – Faceless People (Single Version) [Strut]