Paranoisers / Gross Diskos

Gross Diskos // Sonic Space Trek

Fridays at 20-22:00 / monthly

Zoltan Heller inhales music & arts and exhales music, arts & love, weaves magic sonic carpets and curates artifacts via Gross Diskos & his friends, other label mates, artists, glorious shiny people of honest & sublime creativity for now and forever, with the lurking ambition to sprinkle a little bit of aural sunshine over the darkness of our lives. Digging endlessly and tirelessly for the holy grails of groove, it is with immense happiness that sharing mind-expanding tunes shapes and feeds our psyche with pure joy. Communicating, meeting and interacting with like-minded souls is vital & beautiful. Gross Diskos is the spaceship that allows for directionless flights into space exploring with a childlike craving for new, fresh, unknown, exciting and mind-blowing tunes and waveforms. Love = An inspired form of giving, love breathes life into the heart and brings grace to the soul. Gross believes in the higher purpose of unification of all musical genres, as a means of a mind opening catalyst. A constant exercise and struggle to prove to all that one love = one world = one life = one music. Thus, the purpose is the means itself, and as coolness can be universally applicable to any shape or form of a human being, it is well respected and supported that as there is cool noise, there is cool electro and punk rock, so there is cool funk, soul and so on and on and on. Genre-less and all-genres-together as one, yet equally important pieces of the great aural puzzle of the known world (…and beyond)! Essential understanding is the fact that the greatest music becomes cool and influential for as long as it is full of soul, guts and glory! Gross Diskos is dedicated into celebrating pure and glorious soundwaves of mindless instinctive joy channeling. Showcasing of that inspiration catch of the artist, the warm sparkle within the eye of the creator going public!

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