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  • May Airplay 023

    This month Paranoise Radio celebrates it's 15th birthday! Check out now our selections for May and get ready for party time!
  • April Airplay 023

    April Airplay is here! 33 tracks from our favorite new releases for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!
  • February Airplay 023

    40 tracks carefully selected by our producers for February! Play 'em loud!
  • January Airplay 023

    Paranoise producers are welcoming 2023 with a boosted airplay of 40+4 tracks for your listening pleasure! Enjoy!
  • May Airplay 022

    30+1 φρεσκότατες επιλογές για τον Μάιο από τους παραγωγούς του Paranoise! Enjoy!
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